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There’s a ton of things that make me happy, but I’m gonna tell you one thing in specific. Finding super awesome drugstore gems! The Liquif-Eye Metallic Eye Pencils are absolute love! At just $5.49 a piece while having to neighbor an aisle full of cottony menstrual solutions, they’re a steal! I picked three of the five colors up from my local CVS several weeks ago, and I’ve seriously fallen in love with them. I got them in Black, Brown and Silver. I still need to get my hands on the Gold and Aqua colors, but my raggedy CVS never has those colors in stock. Womp. The fact that these pencils cost so little, yet are completely comparable to a creamy high-end pencil is truly amazing…and we love that don’t we?

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Hello darlings! I just wanna quickly thank everyone for the sweet comments regarding my website. I did a soft launch April 13, and plan to do a full launch soon. You guys are the best, and I hope you bookmark and visit daily. This post will be dedicated to my normal everyday face routine. I don’t wear tons of eyeshadow everyday, I just don’t have the time, and it’s not really necessary for the job field I’m in. I do love playing with my eyeshadow and doing fun and/or dramatic looks on the weekends though. I hope these pictures can help illustrate what I do on a daily basis, and as always, if you have questions or need more specifics, ask away in the comments section.

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The winners of the 2010 Total Beauty Awards have been announced! How exciting :D As a lover of all things beauty, I was really excited to see who won. Kinda surprised at some of the top picks, but overall I could agree with most of the winners. Real beauty lovers submitted their votes, the beauty editors made their picks, and without further ado….

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Apr 2010

Ahh…the wonderful, yet confusing world of bronzers. There are so many of them on the market, in so many forms. You’ve probably seen powders, gels, creams, liquids…it’s enough to overwhelm anyone. Sometimes finding a good bronzer is as hard as finding a decent man. Bronzers are often overlooked by many people because they just don’t have any knowledge about them, and don’t consider them when applying their makeup. What is a bronzer? Why should I wear one? I’m already brown, so why do I need one? Where do I apply it and what do I apply it with? What’s a good one? These are the popular questions I hear when I mention the word “bronzer”. Let me answer some of those questions for you..

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In case you didn’t know, Urban Decay (in light of the recession) is having their Friends & Family sale and you get to save a cool 30% off your entire order. Use code “1SFNF” from April 6th thru April 19th. I picked up a few things, of course. But let me just say, I absolutely LOVE Urban Decay, overall. I think they’re a very strong brand. Their eyeshadow’s are known for their pigmentation and vibrancy, and they’ve got great packaging. They have some of the most unique packaging I’ve seen as far as makeup goes, and as a designer totally appreciate it. This sale came out of nowhere for me, so I didn’t get as much as I would’ve had I known it was coming. I could’ve been irresponsible and spent money on this sale instead of paying my rent…but looking like a fabulous hobo isn’t exactly a goal of mine.

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So in my quest to shop for “holy grail” products, I’m always trying out new mascaras. Drugstore and department store brands. I recently purchased the Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara — $14.99, and it was horrible. It glued my lashes together, burned my eyes, and caused a lot of my lashes to fall out when I tried to remove it. A total nightmare. The “vibrating” wand had no juice to it at all, and as I said in my rant video, I could’ve taped the wand to one of my vibrators and got better results…

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