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May 2010

Getting my own beauty blog up and running was an idea in my head for almost a year. I honestly did not think I’d EVER have the time to pull out items from my collection, swatch them for you, take pics, upload, repeat — not to mention design and build it all!! But one snowy day, I said “F*ck it, I have to do this”, and here we are. In three days this site will be one month old but it’s already my baby, and I love that it’s available to the entire world. I especially love my readers. You guys are why I do this. Whether you’re a lurker or a frequent commenter, I absolutely adore you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to even come by and visit me here, it really means a lot. To show my appreciation, I am having my first blog giveaway :D *poplocks*

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