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I have sooo many NYX eyeshadows it’s not even funny. Because I’m dedicated to helping you guys out, I’m going to slowly swatch them in batches so those of you who are looking for great inexpensive ways to beat your face, can know what to expect. NYX is one of my favorite low-end brands, and they seem to get more things right than wrong. A while ago I bought several of their Ultimate Pearl Shadows ($7) when they went on sale (I don’t remember how much I paid), and for the most part they’re pretty damn decent.

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Recently Smashbox had a great sale and being the cheapo that I am, I had to snatch up that pretty little Hot Date eyeshadow palette and I was also sent some other tiny items, which was really sweet of them :)

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Long time no post. I’ve been stretched so thin lately, it’s not even funny. I’ll spare you the details and just get into le post, k? So yesterday I ordered eight of the new MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme’s ($16 each) and they arrived on my doorstep today :D Fabulous! I immediately opened the sexy black box and started snappin’ photos so you guys can see what these babies look like on darker skin.

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Rock & Republic has been selling their entire cosmetic line for 50% off for quite some time (not much is left). I picked up quite a few blushes and a lipgloss, but I wanted to try their Pressed Powder ($44). The color I bought is called Chenille, and like their blushes it’s super soft and finely-milled. Rock & Republic is killing the competition in the blush area, but what about their pressed powders?

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Here’s a lip color that would look amazing on pretty much everyone. It’s NYX Black Cherry round lipstick, and it costs around $4. It’s a beautiful deep berry shade with hints of blue, but it’s not too cool. Warm skin tones can definitely wear this. This lip would look extra seductive on med-to-dark skin tones, and vampy on lighter skin tones (which isn’t a bad thing at all).

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Oh Chanel, how you make my heart pitter-patter with the stroke of your fabulous mascara…with the blackest formula I’ve ever used! I absolutely love and adore this mascara and need it in my life. I’m no mascara snob, I’ll try just about any one from the cheapest drugstore mascara to the most high-end “price of my gas tank” mascara. Why? Because when it comes to makeup — you’re never satisfied and you always wanna keep trying different brands to compare them, test them out, etc. Chanel is one of my favorites, and not because it’s “Chanel”…but because it really tickles my eyelash pickle.

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