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Jun 2010

I clearly need to buy more NYX blushes. They are, in a word, fabulous. The fact you can get an extremely smooth and pigmented blush for about $6 a pop is pure love and recession friendly like a mug. As of now, I only have four of these babies but I see myself buying a few more colors in the near future. These blushes remind me of a higher-end brand such as NARS because of their pigmentation. It’s really amazing how little you need with these babies.

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Jun 2010

I would go into how I’ve been without the internet for an entire week, but my e-Shrink told me not to think about it or it’ll cause further distress lol. Anyway, here’s a FOTD I’ve been meaning to post since last week. I picked up a few things from the MAC To the Beach collection and immediately fell in love with Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow. I have a serious thing for greens, and this one is just absolutely gorgeous. It’s a veluxe pearl formula with tiny bits of apple green gold and it’s super easy to blend and work with. If you didn’t grab this one, you could use Eyepopping by MAC. It’s a satin, so it’s not as dimensional as Sweet & Punchy, but the color is very similar.

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So really quick, I’ve been collecting MAC Pigments since 2004. My very first pigment was Melon. I fell in love with it, and developed an instant addiction. Next thing you know, its 2010 and 79 pigments later, here we are. I’m still on the lookout for the ones I don’t have or the ones that are truly unique. That new jar size though? PFFT! I refuse! I am so pissed off about the new pigment jar size it’s not even funny. Who cares if I won’t use a whole container in one lifetime — that’s not the point! The point is that you don’t reduce the size of the product without reducing the price. No ma’am :| Anyway, I sadly don’t own even some of the regular popular colors, but I have a few rare ones, and quite a few discontinued pigments. How strong is my love for MAC pigments? To put it bluntly…if my building were on fire, I’d grab my dog, my macbook, and my pigments (and as many of my MAC brushes as possible). Everything else can burn the hell up for all I care.

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May 2010

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You ever get bitten by that “Dang, if I don’t buy this now…I’m gonna have a hard time finding it later”-bug? Well, I have a rash from that bug and the bite-marks to prove it. A few days ago I went to the MAC website and randomly clicked their Goodbyes link and saw a gang of items on the chopping block — it’s a sad sight! Tons of eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses and more waiting to be adopted by you. I didn’t buy a ton of stuff, but I did pick up a few items I’ve been eye’ing for the past few months but didn’t wanna buy when they first came out. I still see about four more things I’m gonna have to grab before they’re gone and then sold online for crazy high crackhead prices. I’m not gonna review any of what I bought right now, but I will post descriptions and tiny snippets of my initial thoughts…

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The first time I used a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF), I saw doves and heard Jennifer Hudson hit her Dreamgirls high-note and it sealed the deal for me, all while opening up a new addiction. I felt like a cosmetic version of crackhead Pookie from New Jack City. I was twitching like “More! I need more!”. Over time, I started to slooowly build a decent MSF collection and I’m cool with what I have :) I haven’t felt the urgent need to buy every single one anymore, unless it’s truly unique and nothing like what I already own. This is for my beginners, and/or those curious about MSF’s — and also for those who may need a swatch reference down the road ;)

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Let’s take a trip to Bougieville, population YOU! This post is for all of my ladies/gents out there who like to occasionally splurge on a product for any given reason. Sometimes I like to spoil myself and buy something fabulous, so I recently picked up Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick in #22 Cherry Sorbet ($30 – 0.12 oz), and it’s completely different from any lipstick I’ve ever ran across my lips.

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