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I’ve been wanting to try a blue mascara for the longest, and Hautelook had a sale on Blinc mascara ($25) so I figured I’d take advantage. Blue mascara has a benefit of making the whites of your eyes appear whiter and more awake. I’m not going to give this mascara a complete review (with grade, pros and cons) just yet because I’ve only worn it twice and I’m still testing it out. I want to try layering it with other mascaras to see what happens, but here’s an “so far” review for you…

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Smokey eyes are probably the most popular way to pimp your eyelids. There are so many ways to smoke out your eye — and not look like a panda in the process. Insert the NYX Winter in Moscow Smokey Look palette ($19.50); a handbook sized folding palette with a mirror, 2 blushes and 5 lip colors on one side, and 14 eyeshadows and applicators on the other side. I received this item to review from my good friend in lipstick, Linda. She asked that I review it so here we go :)

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I got a wild hair up my butt to go grab a few drugstore mascaras and put them against each other. I picked up four mascaras total, but we’re gonna focus on Maybelline’s “The Falsies” and Rimmel’s “The Max”. Two products promising the same thing: to volumize your lashes. But which one delivers?

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I know most of you probably already own this product, or have at least seen/heard about it. It’s everywhere! In ads all over the place, pretty much everyone and their mama has one in the beauty community on Youtube, they’re all over Ebay. You cannot escape them. I’m talking about the infamous 120-color eyeshadow palette. The coloring book size double-stack eyeshadow palette with 120 juicy colors.

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Finally!! After numerous false-hope emails from Sephora saying “Oh, this palette is back in stock”, only to find out that it wasn’t…I placed my order at Ulta. Yes folks, the elusive Urban Decay Naked Palette ($44) is all mine! Personally, I feel the hype is well deserved. This is an amazing product you guys…foreal…I shoulda bought two!

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Urban Decay is the poo, but they already know that ;) I recently purchased all of their loose pigment eye shimmers ($20 each) from Hautelook (on sale for $5 each) and it’s my cosmetic obligation to share with you how beautiful they are. I’m gonna try very hard not to ramble about these, but I need you to understand how awesome these pigments are. The packaging allows you to get just the right amount of product out of the tube, and they’re nowhere near as messy as *whispers*…psst…MAC pigments (OMG!! Don’t worry MAC, I still “Stan” for your delicious pigments, I promise!). Some of you may not like the packaging, I actually do. I love the packaging of the MAC pigments as well, but there’s always that fear of knocking the whole thing over and ultimately spilling a super rare shade you can’t find anywhere else…

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