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One of the great things about cosmetics is that there are so many products available to play in that you’re bound to find awesomeness lurking in every corner. I have more lip products than I do anything else, and where most people would stop after 3 lipglosses…I’m always on the quest to find something better than what I already own — that, and I am addicted. Few days ago I ordered some Dolce & Gabbana Ultra Shine lipglosses ($29) and they were love at first swatch.

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If I leave the house and forget my Rosebud Salve? I’m not gonna have a good day at all. I’m gonna have a horrible dry lip – crusty knuckle kinda day and that’s just not a good thing. I depend on this stuff like it’s oxygen — I seriously love and need it that much. Ashy knees? Ashy elbows? Crusty cuticles? Curling iron burns? Rough homeless feet? Crackhead lips? Did you get hit in the head with a cast iron skillet? Rosebud Salve to the rescue!

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I’ve been meaning to do this review for a while. Gather ’round boys and girls…it’s time to talk about Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick. I bought this about three months ago after being drawn in by the sultry bold red color. I saw the price tag and was like “Ehh…I dunno about that..”, but I went ahead and bought it anyway.

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I remember when I was little and I heard someone say they were wearing a lipstick by Bobbi Brown, and I immediately blurted out “Dude from New Edition has makeup?” SMH. I was quickly corrected lol. Hell, I was like 12 years old and didn’t know jack cheese about makeup, sue me :P

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Heavens to Betsy! I finally got my Chanel fix in the form of a beautiful blue-based red lipstick called Paris from Chanel’s Rouge Coco line. This lipstick is everything. Smooth, creamy, hydrating, super long lasting…and gorgeous. I have a serious love for beautiful blue-based red lipsticks, they are my favorite — and Paris has wiggled her way into my top favorite reds. I picked this tube up at the Chanel counter at my local Macy’s…after telling myself I wasn’t gonna buy it anytime soon. Chanel lipsticks are expensive, and I just cannot go around spending $30 on a single tube of lipstick all willy-nilly…

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Red lips will never go out of style — they’re timeless and classic. They’re isn’t anyone who can’t wear red. It’s all about finding the right shade. Red lips instantly make me feel sexy, no matter how bad my day may be going. I feel fierce and fearless and grrr, very grrr ;) . Today I decided to showcase a pretty red for you from the Rouge Coco line by Chanel. This lipstick is called Gabrielle ($30) and boy is she special…

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