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Attention beautiful brown-skinned ladies! Any ridiculous claims that stress “we” cannot wear bright pink lipsticks, is absolutely false! I’m here to put that myth to rest, 12 feet under! If anything, your gorgeous chocolate hues were made for colors like this. While it’s true that not everyone can wear the exact same pink or red, it’s also true that everyone CAN wear certain shades of pinks and reds. Here I am rocking the lovely Petals & Peacocks (amplified – $14) lipstick from MAC’s Give Me Liberty of London collection, which has already jumped into my pool of favorites.

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Oh yes baby! One of my absolute ‘Holy Grail’ lipsticks from MAC would have to be the gorgeous Rebel (satin – $14). Described as a “vivid pinkish-purple“, I have worn this baby out and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It’s one of the most gorgeous colors I’ve ever worn. It’s a satin formula, which tends to be a little drying, but because this color is so beautiful I put up with it. But to be honest, I combat that by moisturizing the crap outta my lips prior to application to minimize the drying. This lipstick also stains a little…just a little. So even after you’re done eating or drinking, it’ll still be there, but it’ll give your lips that “flushed” look. It’s a very opaque shade, so you won’t need to pile it on. My mom has tried this color and she loves it. I should buy her one so she can stop borrowing mine, but I’m telling you…brown girls, this color would look amazing on you!

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