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Red lips will never go out of style — they’re timeless and classic. They’re isn’t anyone who can’t wear red. It’s all about finding the right shade. Red lips instantly make me feel sexy, no matter how bad my day may be going. I feel fierce and fearless and grrr, very grrr ;) . Today I decided to showcase a pretty red for you from the Rouge Coco line by Chanel. This lipstick is called Gabrielle ($30) and boy is she special…

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Urban Decay is the poo, but they already know that ;) I recently purchased all of their loose pigment eye shimmers ($20 each) from Hautelook (on sale for $5 each) and it’s my cosmetic obligation to share with you how beautiful they are. I’m gonna try very hard not to ramble about these, but I need you to understand how awesome these pigments are. The packaging allows you to get just the right amount of product out of the tube, and they’re nowhere near as messy as *whispers*…psst…MAC pigments (OMG!! Don’t worry MAC, I still “Stan” for your delicious pigments, I promise!). Some of you may not like the packaging, I actually do. I love the packaging of the MAC pigments as well, but there’s always that fear of knocking the whole thing over and ultimately spilling a super rare shade you can’t find anywhere else…

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It’s a gross yet beautiful rainy Saturday. Gross if you have to be in the rain — beautiful if you don’t! I’m in the house cleaning, working, and trying to fight thru this fog of sleepiness that’s smothering me like gravy on biscuits. I am so exhausted, for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s the rain, maybe it’s the 5 hours of sleep I’m running on — who knows. Anyhoo, I wanted to show you guys what these uber-awesome Kat Von D palettes look like because they’re absolute love. The fact you get eight highly-pigmented shadows for $34 in one artsy-fartsy palette is nothing short of amazing.

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Jun 2010

I clearly need to buy more NYX blushes. They are, in a word, fabulous. The fact you can get an extremely smooth and pigmented blush for about $6 a pop is pure love and recession friendly like a mug. As of now, I only have four of these babies but I see myself buying a few more colors in the near future. These blushes remind me of a higher-end brand such as NARS because of their pigmentation. It’s really amazing how little you need with these babies.

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With all of the individual bottles and tubs and buckets of lotion, body butters and salves in my house…I could un-ashify an entire crackhouse, or about 25 Malik Yoba’s. I literally have enough lotion to take me into my early fifties. I’m always on the quest for something amazing, different, and worth my money.

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Let’s take a trip to Bougieville, population YOU! This post is for all of my ladies/gents out there who like to occasionally splurge on a product for any given reason. Sometimes I like to spoil myself and buy something fabulous, so I recently picked up Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick in #22 Cherry Sorbet ($30 – 0.12 oz), and it’s completely different from any lipstick I’ve ever ran across my lips.

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