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Physicians Formula is a brand I often walk right past whenever I go to any given drugstore. Not because I’m uninterested, but mainly because I’m overwhelmed and they just have so much stuff to choose from. I’d go crazy and the flesh is so weak. There’s been a buzz over this one particular product and I just couldn’t pass it up! You no longer need to spend a lot of money on incredible, high-quality gel liners. Physicians Formula debuted a new (and amazing) line of gel liner trio’s for specific eye colors (Brown, Blue, Green and Hazel). It doesn’t matter what your eye color is, you can buy all four sets, but they just separated them to make it easier for beginners to stick to colors that would compliment their individual eye color. I picked up the ‘Brown Eyes’ set, but please believe I’ll be back to get a few of the others. They’re on sale right now at CVS for 40% off the $10.95 price tag, so scoot your juicy booties on over there and pick these up!

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Who doesn’t love juicy kissable hot pink lips? MAC’s Girl About Town lipstick ($14 – Amplified) is a favorite in my collection because it’s so “OH, HAYBOO!!” loud, yet very wearable and just downright gorgeous. I haven’t seen any skin-tone that can’t rock this color. MAC describes it as a “fabulous fuschia”, and that’s pretty damn accurate. It’s also listed under their “bestselling shades”, so that should tell you something. Just about everyone loves this and everyone can wear it. From the super light to the super dark, this is your shade!

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There’s a ton of things that make me happy, but I’m gonna tell you one thing in specific. Finding super awesome drugstore gems! The Liquif-Eye Metallic Eye Pencils are absolute love! At just $5.49 a piece while having to neighbor an aisle full of cottony menstrual solutions, they’re a steal! I picked three of the five colors up from my local CVS several weeks ago, and I’ve seriously fallen in love with them. I got them in Black, Brown and Silver. I still need to get my hands on the Gold and Aqua colors, but my raggedy CVS never has those colors in stock. Womp. The fact that these pencils cost so little, yet are completely comparable to a creamy high-end pencil is truly amazing…and we love that don’t we?

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Apr 2010

Ahh…the wonderful, yet confusing world of bronzers. There are so many of them on the market, in so many forms. You’ve probably seen powders, gels, creams, liquids…it’s enough to overwhelm anyone. Sometimes finding a good bronzer is as hard as finding a decent man. Bronzers are often overlooked by many people because they just don’t have any knowledge about them, and don’t consider them when applying their makeup. What is a bronzer? Why should I wear one? I’m already brown, so why do I need one? Where do I apply it and what do I apply it with? What’s a good one? These are the popular questions I hear when I mention the word “bronzer”. Let me answer some of those questions for you..

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So in my quest to shop for “holy grail” products, I’m always trying out new mascaras. Drugstore and department store brands. I recently purchased the Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara — $14.99, and it was horrible. It glued my lashes together, burned my eyes, and caused a lot of my lashes to fall out when I tried to remove it. A total nightmare. The “vibrating” wand had no juice to it at all, and as I said in my rant video, I could’ve taped the wand to one of my vibrators and got better results…

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I seriously don’t even know where to begin. I get so excited talking about this product. Ladies and gents, if you’ve ever spent years trying to find the perfect shade of foundation, you might luck up with this… Make Up For Ever (MUFE for short) makes a phenomenal HD foundation ($40) in a very wide range of shades — twenty-five of them to be exact. It’s sold at Sephora and the MUFE website, but on the Sephora site there is an extremely helpful “shade finder” tool that will help you narrow your choice down — given you know your skin tone and undertone. I always knew I had an olive skin tone, I have lots of yellows in my skin and sometimes I look green in pictures…like this one for example

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