Just a heads up — the elusive, gorgeous and hard-to-find Naked Palette by Urban Decay is now available at ULTA Beauty! I ordered mine, so if you keep missing out at Sephora or Urban Decay’s own website, scurry on over to ULTA and pick one of these babies up :) I did call my nearest Ulta to see if they had these in stock at the store, but they didn’t. So before you assume they’re at the actual Ulta store, call first to check.

These palettes aren’t limited edition, but you’d think they were the way they keep flying off the shelves. Don’t even think about spending a grip for one of these on eBay because it is not that serious. They will be available but the fire has to calm down first. Chicks are in a tizzy trying to get their hands on one. Anyway, go pick one up if you haven’t yet :)

I can’t wait to get mine :D *does a happy naked dance*

Updated 8-4-10: Check out my review and swatches of this gorgeous palette

Availability: ULTA Beauty

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