I’m starting a new natural hair blog and I am hella excited about it, and I want YOU to be a guest-blogger! I have another writer who will also share her natural hair journey along with myself, but I’d love to have a few extra’s sprinkle my new hair blog, Curl, please.. (a spin on “Girl, please” — something I’m always saying!), with their experiences as well. Is this you??

I’ve officially been “natural” for almost 3 months, and my hair is growing like crazy. It’s still short though, but it’s healthier than ever. I have type 4a hair mostly, with bits and pieces of wild ancestry here and there lol. My hair is truly unique, just like yours! My goal is to not have this just be “Resha’s Hair Blog”, but to showcase the many textures, curl patterns and experiences from other hair types from all women doing this natural hair thing. However, I don’t want this to be a big huge myriad of hair types either — I’d like to keep it simple…but that’s where the guest-blogging comes in. Every once in a while, I’d love to feature a totally different voice.

For example, you could guest-blog about any of the following:

  • -Product reviews (don’t worry if there are repeat product reviews, as everyone experiences a different outcome, but it’d be fun to see which product worked for one and not the other)
  • -Hair recipes/concoctions
  • -Video tutorials (or video versions of any of the topics here)
  • -Picture tutorials
  • -Tips/tricks/advice/expertise
  • -Salon experiences (for those who might be looking for a salon that specializes in natural hair)
  • -Other natural hair experiments (trying 2 new conditioners? let us know which one worked better)
  • -Share your own natural hair stories (why you went natural, and what you’re loving/hating about it)
  • -Natural hairstyles (including protective styling and cute wigs)
  • -New accessories/tools (did you find a brush better than the Denman, let us know!)
  • -Natural hair product hits & misses (from your own experience, what worked for you, what didn’t?)
  • -Various topics of discussion
  • -Transition stories/advice

You get the picture. I know this all sounds heavy and complicated but trust me, it will be very simple and not this biiiig message board’like blog. I’m just giving you guys options here, so you don’t have to wonder what to write about if you choose to contribute. These are all topics my regular writer and I will cover as well.

I ask that you have decent camera skills and are able to take a clear photo that isn’t blurry or shaky. You don’t have to have an expensive camera — but just take great, clear photos with the one you have. No camera phone pictures — please! I feel that clear photos are incredibly helpful for people to see things the way you intended. I also ask — especially for reviews — that if you absolutely can, use your own photos. I don’t mind stock-photos if it’s a super last resort or if you simply just do not own the product to take a picture of it in the first place, but I got feedback from the ladies on my Facebook page, and they ALL prefer photos you take yourself.

I’d love to have a guest post from YOU lovely ladies at least twice a month. So if you’re interested, you have PLENTY of time to get your stuff together and figure out how you’d like to contribute. I don’t mind if you already have a natural hair blog for the guest-blogger spots, all I ask is that whatever you decide to contribute be exclusive to Curl, please… and not be reproduced anywhere else, because that wouldn’t make it very special :( Your post will however, be linked to your own blog/youtube.

If you’re interested, please feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment below. If you have any questions, leave them below (I kinda rushed thru this post).

This should be a fun project and I look forward to working with you ;)

*bookmark* www.curlplease.com and stay tuned! The blog will be up within the next month or so!