One of my absolute FAVORITE products done by MAC would have to be their Mineralize Blushes. Each compact holds a gorgeous, shimmery mix of baked minerals that you can apply lightly and build up for more color — without huge chunky pieces of glitter. These are my favorite blush formulas from MAC because of how long they last on my face. Not that the other formulas don’t last, but I always notice my mineralize blushes hold up just a tad bit longer. These are so so gorgeous, you have to own at least two. They have cooler shades, neutral shades, warmer shades…definitely something for everyone!

I don’t have every single one that’s been released, because not every color fits my skin-tone. I do have a good variety, though. I have seven of the regular mineralize blushes, and five of the mineralize blush duos (which will be pt. 2 to this post, coming soon). Anyway, here they are:

  • Gleeful – permanent
  • Conjure Up – limited edition
  • Gentle – permanent
  • Love Thing – permanent
  • Love Joy – permanent
  • Warm Soul – permanent
  • Merrily – discontinued (please track this one down, its worth the hunt)

mac mineralize blushes: gentle, conjure up, and gleeful

Here are the colors, swatched on the inside of my arm. When using a brush, they don’t apply this heavily, but they can be built up to look like these swatches. I’d suggest you go light, though. I prefer to use a MAC 168, 116, 138 or 109 with this particular product. Lots of people like to use the MAC 188 with these, so try out a variety of brushes and find one that works for you.

mac mineralize blush swatches on darker skin

mac mineralize blush swatches on darker skin

While these are “shimmery”, I find that they’re not overly-shiny shimmerbombs on the face. The mineral aspect is what allows the shimmer to be dulled down once it’s applied onto your skin. That’s why they are a winner in my book. Some of them are more shimmery than others, but they still don’t look ridiculous on your face. They provide you with a luminous glow, not just an obvious streak of “Oh, damn…she know she wrong for that!”. I used my finger to swatch these, so naturally I picked up more product than needed, but I really wanted to give you an idea of the true color.

Do you guys have any of these? What are your favorites?