If I leave the house and forget my Rosebud Salve? I’m not gonna have a good day at all. I’m gonna have a horrible dry lip – crusty knuckle kinda day and that’s just not a good thing. I depend on this stuff like it’s oxygen — I seriously love and need it that much. Ashy knees? Ashy elbows? Crusty cuticles? Curling iron burns? Rough homeless feet? Crackhead lips? Did you get hit in the head with a cast iron skillet? Rosebud Salve to the rescue!

To be honest, when I first tried it — I’m talking very first use…I said to myself “Um, this aint nothin’ but high end Vaseline”. I jumped the gun and even reviewed it on Sephora as such. I feel terrible for giving it such a mediocre review — it deserved better. I learned then that I have to give products time before I open my big mouth. Oh Rosebud, will you ever forgive me?

Rosebud Salve Review
Rosebud Salve — a beauty staple

Rosebud Salve Review

Rosebud Salve Review

Rosebud Salve Review

Rosebud Salve Review

Rosebud Salve Review
You wouldn’t apply this much to your lips,  just wanted to show you the consistency

Rosebud Salve Review


  • Hydrating and protecting
  • A little goes a LONG way…
  • Silky smooth formula that doesn’t leave any heavy residue like Vaseline
  • Melts beautifully wherever you apply it — it isn’t waxy at all
  • Great for de-ashifying yourself :D (yea I totally made that word up)
  • Soft rose scent
  • Small and compact for your purse or pocket (although if you keep it on your pocket, it can melt so be aware)
  • Has many uses — not just for lips
  • Great for helping to exfoliate your lips


  • Hard to find in stores — I have to order it online :|
  • Comes in a tin tub, which some people may dislike because they have to use their fingers


It has some of the same benefits as Vaseline as far as healing burns, itchy skin, dry skin patches, etc. But it doesn’t have that thick, goopy and cheap consistency like Vaseline. When I slather Vaseline on, I feel like I’m wearing a coat made of petroluem jelly :| It’s got this heavy thickness to it that may be fine for our ashy kneecaps and elbows, but if you want something that melts a lot better, try Rosebud Salve. I feel like when I wear Rosebud Salve, my skin can breathe — it doesn’t feel that way with Vaseline.

My main use for it is for my lips. I use this in place of my many other lip balms because I love the way it feels on my freshly exfoliated lips and it even helps me exfoliate my lips better. I’d apply a generous amount of it, take a moist washcloth and gently massage my lips until all of the dead skin comes off. It prevents my lips from being torn apart and ripped open, its so soothing. It makes for an awesome lip balm underneath a drying lipstick as well. I love that it doesn’t give me that waxy feel like Burt’s Bees or Carmex — I find that those don’t sink into my lips at all, they just sit on top and eventually dry them out. But Rosebud Salve makes my lips so silky smooth and juicy – LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!



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