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Oh, hey! I’m baaaaaaaack! I wanted to share some really fun lipstick swatches with you all. I recently picked up six of the 40(something) available lipstick shades from Coloured Raine, and so far I absolutely love the line. They have so many delightfully obnoxious, bold and daring shades for you wild-child’s out there. I’m talkin’ shades of green, purple, yellow, orange..the list goes on.

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Nov 2011

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I’m alive.

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I’m starting a new natural hair blog and I am hella excited about it, and I want YOU to be a guest-blogger! I have another writer who will also share her natural hair journey along with myself, but I’d love to have a few extra’s sprinkle my new hair blog, Curl, please.. (a spin on “Girl, please” — something I’m always saying!), with their expertise and know-how. Is this you??

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Up for grabs is a brand new Beauty on the Go set, “The Ultimate Beauty Box”. Retailing for $45, this baby has everything you need and looks awesome for travel. This is a great product to introduce you to the NYX brand (pronounced “nicks”). It is loaded, you guys…

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Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! No, wait…it’s…and invisible plane…..with a pretty hot chick…sitting…in…an invisible…plane?? Yes, kids. It’s Wonder Woman, and she has burst her way onto the cosmetic scene with her very own super-sized collection by MAC. We (makeup fiends) weren’t expecting this baby to drop until Feb. 10, but we got it almost two weeks early. I placed my order that morning and got it the very next day. Overnight shipping is a beast!

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I am sittin’ here like a big kid watching Beauty & The Beast, and got this urge to rock my snuggie and sit at my desk and write up this review for you lovely people. I wanted to show you all four of the Urban Decay Big Fatty colored mascaras ($17 each). I ordered these from Hautelook the last time they had an Urban Decay sale, and they were around $4/each, so…not a bad deal, right? Well…

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