You know that Lady Gaga song ‘Beautiful Dirty Rich’? The part when she goes “Bang bang bang…bang bang bang”? Well that’s what I sing in my head when I see these new Superglasses from MAC. When I heard about the Superglasses, and saw photos of them, I just knew I HAD to have these. An amped up version of the popular Dazzleglasses? Sign me the hell up! I absolutely LOVE the Dazzleglasses, they are probably my favorite “gloss” product from MAC. I never wear them alone really, except maybe Love Alert because it’s so pigmented, but I love putting a tiny bit of it on top of my lipstick to really jack up the drama. Well, if you really want some ‘Real Housewives of MAC Cosmetics’ drama on your lips, cue the Superglass…

MAC describes this product as:

Shattered, decimated, blinded by a fantastic, intergalactic lip light! Lips have gone big bang, explosively dimensional, a rare eclipse. Extreme innovation that’s a good reflection on M∙A∙C…and the seductress lucky enough to strike upon it.

A lip gloss blended with small, medium and large pearls to create three distinct dimensions of jewel-like flash and overwhelming dazzle. Provides sheer medium coverage. Adds sexy shine and lustre to the lips. Helps lips stay smooth and hydrated. Features M∙A∙C’s vanilla flavour. Limited edition.

I picked these up today, and have already tried them on and all that jazz. I got five of the nine colors for now, and the ones I picked up are:

  • Tunnel of Love – deep blue brown
  • Fab Frenzy – deep blue purple
  • Totally Bang! – fuchsia
  • Cherry Electric – bright cherry pink
  • Gift Wrap – light pinky peach

tunnel of love, fab frenzy, totally bang, cherry electric, gift wrap
(taken with flash)

tunnel of love, fab frenzy, totally bang, cherry electric, gift wrap
(taken without flash)

These retail for $18.00 a piece, and you get 4.5g/0.15 oz (but on the box it says 4.3g…whatever), compared to Dazzleglass’s 1.92g/0.06oz which are also $18.00 a piece. So you’re getting more product for your buck with the Superglass. MAC must’ve heard everyone complaining about the product size…

The main difference between these and Dazzleglass is that the tube isn’t a regular cylindrical shape (oh snap, check me out with the SAT words), it has a hexagonal shape, which helps prevent it from rolling off the table (if you’ve ever had that problem). The size of the glitter is also larger than the more finely milled microglitter in the Dazzleglasses. These have the normal vanilla scent that pretty much all MAC lip products have and are tasteless. They’re about the same thickness/stickiness as a Dazzleglass. I didn’t find them to be overly goopy and gunky, but they have a decent amount of thickness, which will only help them to stay on longer and hydrate the lips.


  • They come in nine shades, so there’s guaranteed to be something for just about everyone.
  • They look insanely gorgeous over any lipstick, so start experimenting with combos!
  • You get more product for your money versus regular Dazzleglasses.
  • The thickness will adhere to your lips for a longer amount of time.
  • They smell awesome.
  • Most of the shades have a decent amount of pigmentation, but they do have more sheer shades for you shy folks ;)


  • Some of the shades may look pretty boring alone, which is why I recommend layering them on top of your favorite lipstick.
  • If you use too much, you may feel tiny bits of glitter when you move your lips back and forth. It’s not incredibly harsh and most people may not even feel it, but is a factor.
  • Sticky, but you should already expect that.
  • The glitter tends to travel over time and you may find bits of glitter around your mouth after a few hours.


I really do like the Superglasses. Again, they’re essentially a “Dazzleglass-on-Crack” but I love Dazzleglasses, so these are right up my alley. They’re not for everyone, though. I wouldn’t expect conservative gals to love these, or anyone who hates glitter…but for someone like me who loves to turn the volume up on my lipsticks, I think they’re fab. Because the glitter chunks are larger, you’re gonna slightly feel them if you pile this stuff on too heavily. I’ve purchased much cheaper lipgloss that felt like sandpaper on my lips because of the poor quality and overabundance of harsh glitter, and that really sucks. This stuff, when piled on..I can feel the glitter but it’s not as harsh as the cheaper brands at all.



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